Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hawthorne Shadow

I took this last Saturday from the Hawthorne Bridge. If you look carefully you can see the shadow of the bridge structure on the water. What an amazing day, to have so much light in January! (I can say that now we have had a little rain without feeling too guilty.)

I'm teaching a neck and shoulder release yoga class tomorrow night 5:30pm and 12:30pm Sunday. Potentials Yoga Studio. Looking forward to it.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wabi Sabi

I'm feeling my age today. Face to face with a lifetime of insecurities. Took this shot this afternoon out and about. I like all the imperfections and to me it looks a bit like a brush painting.

To compensate I am taking a break and watching Sherlock from broadcast last week.

It is lovely to have two days in a row off. And the unexpected sun has been a guilty pleasure.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mural Love

Trying to take advantage of the gorgeous dry winter days we are experiencing I walked over to Oaks Bottom and made the full loop this afternoon. This is a shot of part of the Mausoleum mural from right underneath it on the trail. They've done lots of restoration on that trail since I was over there last. It is very nice. One doesn't need to slog through the mud quite so often.

Today I have a link! This interesting reflection on anxiety from the current issue of the New Yorker.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

No Link Again

I took this about three hours ago down at Riverfront Park. The wind gusts got stronger and stronger but the light was absolutely fabulous and I am proud of the composition here.

I just had one student in my new yoga class on Sunday but we had a blast. She is not shy, we've worked privately, so it is a sweet deal for her. She says she is coming tomorrow night and might bring her husband. I've worked with couples before and they bring unique challenges to the mat but also lots of laughter.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Local Color Returns

I like the way you can see the white eye band on the female wood duck here in this shot I took at Crystal Springs. I saw blooming camellias across the street today! There is hope for a robust spring yet. Yesterday it was just budding hydrangea stalks. Color returns to our world.

What a gorgeous MLK day here in Portland.

So rare to have sun in January. On a holiday no less. Almost unheard of.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Light

The Springwater Corridor on New Years Day as in ummm, yesterday. In the afternoon. You'd have to have been here in Portland lately to realize how unusual the light is. Lovely lovely light. We have been living in a cloud, a heavy wet cloud full of particulate matter.

I hate to say it, but what we need is some good old fashioned rain. Our snowpack could sure use some beefing up.

So how I missed this video when 18 million other folks didn't, is beyond me but just in case you are one of the three remaining people left on earth that hasn't seen this video from the space station, enjoy! The interview is fun too. Turns out that my walking companion yesterday shipped out as a young man in the Navy with two of Chris Hafdield's shuttle crew mates that went on to become astronauts.

How cool is that?