Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Christmas!

Took this on Sunday in Salem but somehow it seems festive to me. Here in Portland, astonishingly we both had sun and were above freezing today. Walking ensued even though I am one tired puppy.

It has been an interesting holiday for me full of good information. Although I miss Mr. Finch (spent more holidays with him than with anyone else except my family) and Stella terribly, I am ready to be a bit more engaged with others than I planned for.

Next year I will remedy that.

Normally I would not put up a link to a commercial venture but this one is about workout clothes. It is sort of a club where they put cute little workout ensembles together for you and offer them as an outfit each month. It is called Fabeletics. As I am going to start teaching yoga more often and longer classes in just a few weeks I need all the help I can get and shopping is something I do not do well. :) So what the heck...

All the best to all of you during the turning of this year.

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