Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Amazing Arrives in Many Forms

In my next human incarnation (if I am lucky enough to have one) I'd love to paint. This dahlia with its water droplets would be so wonderful to paint. (I took this with my phone this afternoon.)

Speaking of painting, I am reading The Hare With Amber Eyes by Edmund De Waal, which was recommended to me by both my sisters and I keep having to stop and look up paintings. Some of the descriptions in the book are a poet's dream come true.

And I didn't think I was interested in Japanese art particularly. He makes it come alive as well the mania for it in France after Japan was opened up to Europe.

I am reading a quite beat up library copy. You know when you read a real book when it is dark out, you actually need to have a light on. Amazing!

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  1. That intrigues me, and I think I shall try to find the book. Snapping this picture with your phone intrigues me, too, that you could catch all the nunances of color. My phone hasn't offered me such a treasure yet. You have such a gift for subtle images that remind me to slow down and look carefully at life. Thank you for that.