Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I am trying pictures from the phone here. A late late rose just a few days ago. The rain is coming in tonight. The typical June rain. Oh well. I am taking the day off tomorrow anyway and Most Honorable and I (both work weary) are going for a hike for my birthday.

My broad brimmed rain hat is ready and so am I.

Today my students asked if I would teach the same class again on Thursdays. Something to think about. I wonder if I would get more students or less teaching twice a week?

Anybody know anything about curcumin for arthritis? I actually eat a fair amount of turmeric, which makes sense because I love ginger but probably not enough to be anti-inflamatory in any sort of consistent way.

Oh well. The fabulous massage I had on Saturday made my knee all better anyway. :)

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