Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tomorrow morning I get electrodes taped to my chest attached to a Holter monitor that I need to wear for 48 hours to check if the fact that I am having these episodes of shaky sweaty discomfort sometimes when I work out might be connected to the reason I can't run without my heart rate spiking mightily. 

My yoga teacher and my family all think I am nuts to even think about running but I was a pony in a former life so excuse me.

I can't help the desire.

Anyway, just in case the test is inconclusive I found this article on walking after a meal and I am sold on the science. It makes such perfect sense. 

It is muggy here and apparently we are in for a few days of this. Oh well. At least it is not cold. I won't be able to take a shower for the time I have the monitor on. That will be interesting. 

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