Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Very Vera Day

A quiet holiday here at Chez Noko. I took this on my afternoon walk about the neighborhood after taking a nap and reading the third in the Vera Stanhope series of books by Ann Cleeves. The show, which I have on DVD is in different order than the books. So I am finishing the third book but it is the first in the television series. Apparently they call bird banding, ringing in the U.K.

My link today is about a new study on exercise and anxiety. So it is not just my Buddhist and Yogic training that lets me recover quickly from my frequent fits of anxiety brought on by is also exercise.

I did dead lifts at the gym today. Haven't done those in a few years. I think I'll return to modest weight lifting when I retire. Hopefully all the exercise I do in the meantime will help me get to retirement age in relatively decent shape. I received my 25 lbs. lost charm at Weight Watchers last night. So I seem to be on the right track. (No test results yet on wearing the monitor.)

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  1. That is a STUNNING picture. You do have the eye!

    Thanks for the link - will read it soon.