Saturday, April 6, 2013

Because I have found myself wandering around in my pajamas (covered in a raincoat) and sneakers after dark to get my Activity points I have been thinking how beautiful spring is, even after the sun goes down. This blooming pear tree is an example. I love the almost Japanese feel to this.

My links today are columns about falling. I think the person in that column is pretty crazy to take her big dog out in the ice and snow without being more geared up. The comments are as interesting as the column.

This other column is a bit more medically based and kind of interesting. Everyone who knows me knows I have a pathological fear of falling on ice in the street even though I still, blessedly, have excellent balance. I like the idea of a yoga teacher teaching folks how to fall properly.

I'm not sure that is in the Sutras, but still I like the idea.

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