Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yeah, yeah you are saying, I get that it is spring there. But when it is spring here, it is really spring. It is unequivocally spring. The iris, the lilac, the bleeding hearts are all in bloom and a wonder to behold between rain squalls.

Sammy is hanging in there. Right now he is the power spot on the polar tech blanket on top of the heated cat bed in a patch of sun. I took the day off from work so I could finally finish my yoga graduation assignments and he is so much calmer when I am not working.

Hmmm. I wonder why that is?

Kes bought me a couple of pairs of sweat pants about three years ago sized medium and I was so sad to realize I couldn't fit in them with the creeping weight gain from dealing with Mr. Finch's illness. I found them last night and they now fit perfectly!

I'd say it is spring around here in many more ways than just seasonal.

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