Monday, April 1, 2013

Not the best picture because the light is a little too bright but still what a wonderful visage to take in on an ordinary walk in a not exactly ordinary neighborhood on a ridiculously beautiful Saturday.

Long work day today. Got useful things done in the morning. My cat sitter is back from vacation and we had a nice chat while giving Sammy his fluids just after. As it all becomes more of a routine and I relax more, Sammy does too.

Now if I could just get the technique for giving oral meds down so it is a little less messy...

Many many meetings at work tomorrow. Serial meetings. I was thinking today while washing grapes, glorious dark red grapes, that I need to become the queen of single-tasking. Doing one thing and one thing only and doing it well.

Here is the Fresh Air Interview with Mary Roach about her new book Gulp . I haven't listened to it yet but I bet it is great. Her Science Times podcast interview last week was a hoot.

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