Friday, May 3, 2013

It is such a challenge to capture what the eye sees. The sweep of this batch of iris in the evening breeze that softens the eyes connected to the work weary brain and reminds us that there is beauty out there everywhere.

There must have been some sort of accident on the freeway this afternoon. A trip to the grocery that normally takes 40 minutes took an hour and a half. And there was a drug addled young man, (I call him Hula Hoop boy, because he had one) that seemed determined to get attention any way he could waiting at the bus stop, as was another young man with a leg injury, a recent Vet, I'd bet.

I had plenty of time to ponder the back stories of these two and the other tattooed more attractive fellow as they all decided to smoke at the same time.

To recover I went over to the gym and read this article on half wild cats in the current New Yorker, which I get on my Kindle. I learned some stuff.  And slowly recovered my ability to be cheerful in the world of others.

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