Saturday, May 4, 2013

Opening peonies from last weekend. I am enjoying the astonishing warmth and relaxing this weekend. It is so rare for us to actually get to see spring.

My link today is a bit of a meditation on complaining. It is an interesting discussion. Spiritually I know it is not the best course of action but emotionally there is a lot to be said for small doses in the right places.

There were all these amateur riders on the bus this afternoon that were going downtown to drink. These middle aged men all cheerful with an alcohol buzz sitting on the seats with their legs as wide apart as possible. They all thought, and said they thought, I was unusually aggressive because as no one would move to the back I just pushed my way back there. And then when we reached my stop I had to physically move the high guy in the tie dye with his earbuds standing in the back door well and blocking my exit. In a delayed reaction, he yelled at me after I was off.

"Nothing is more unseemly in society than an angry woman" says Claire Messud author of The Woman Upstairs. It seems all these very occasional bus riders would agree with her.

I had groceries! Darn it all.

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