Friday, May 17, 2013

So this is the iris bud shot I took that looks a bit like it is from another planet and alive. I got distracted by that red tea rose yesterday. I took this picture outside last weekend and used my somewhat rumpled light diffuser as a background. If I do say so myself, and I will because this is my blog, its is a very cool picture.

My link today is the first in the series on yoga for older folks in the NYT's. William Broad interviewed this doctor for his Science of Yoga book. This is the doctor who used headstand to cure his own rotator cuff injury. Please don't try that at home folks! The 2nd part was just published this week here.

I am going to think deeply about all I read here before I change any of my teaching techniques. It is an unfolding story. I noticed Leslie Kaminoff (my Yoga Anatomy go to guy) asked a question in the 2nd part. All very interesting.

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  1. Stunning Photo. I think this one needs to be printed. I've Instapapered (if that is a word) the articles and will read soon. Thanks for the link.

    And WOW on the photo!