Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cheerful crocus from Kes and Most Honorable's back yard yesterday. I know there are some fancy tulips planted in this area so that could be a tulip back there.

My link today is a Bird Note from week before last that is about Ravens and it has this vocalization they make to comfort each other including their young that is clearly recognizable as one to human ears too. So worth the two minutes it takes to listen.

I went to Powell's to look for used copies of books in the middle of the mystery series I am reading as neither are available in E-book or audiobook format here and they didn't have either. So instead I bought 3 other books. With that and the long article in the Times Magazine section on the science food companies use to make food addictive I will be spending a good chunk of the day with printed material.

This year I think I may skip the Oscars. There is only so much time.

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