Sunday, February 3, 2013

The birds are beginning their mating songs and yesterday I saw a small flock flying north. There is a big shift going on out there.

Even though I am still sick I was able to get the work task done today that I was supposed to do Friday morning. Ah the joys of telecommuting. I need to call the doctor in the morning to make sure I don't need antibiotics. My throat is remarkably sore but at least I can swallow even if it hurts.

I tried T-U-N-A but I couldn't get the Pepcid down Sammy today. I did get the vitamins in him this morning. Every day is a new adventure in mature cat care.

I can barely get any sound out loud, which the cats find disconcerting. The whispering croaky cat mom. Luckily the Credo Mobile tech guy was able to understand me well enough and they are going to ship a new phone finally. I love my smart phone but it needs to actually work as a phone. Yesterday was very frustrating with static and then this drop off where the other person couldn't hear me even though I could hear them fine.

Oh well.

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