Saturday, February 2, 2013

When I took this shot I only had eyes for the crocus and the first signs of burgeoning color, but now in retrospect I would love to go back and reframe it.

Still I love the mess of yard art and it is a wonderful example of that moment half way between winter and spring that we are at here today on Candlemass. Forty days since Christmas.

I am sick and have a horrid sore throat so we had a quiet day. It was lovely out here. Such a joy to see hours of light.

In a weird sympathetic accident with Kes's needle stick yesterday I cut the top of one of my fingers on the pill splitter this evening. Good thing I am not giving Sammy fluids again until Monday.

My link is silly today. It is about an exhibit of Dr. Seuss's hats at the New York Public Library. I guess it is going to travel after that. How fun that would be to see.

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