Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jack and Leo hanging out together getting ready for a nap. They are quite the pair, these two brothers. I am sitting on the bed listening to Performance Today and Sammy purr.

We had a great and very informative lesson in fluid giving today from my cat sitter who is both a  certified vet tech and a newly graduated RN. She was wonderful and Sam is way less stressed than he has ever been receiving sub q fluids. After a week, he really needed them.

We won't go that long again.

My link today is this fabulous article on owls. Check it out just for the picture of the Russian fish eating owl. I listened to the Science Times podcast and the scientist profiled said that in the part of the wilds where he studies the owls if he hears someone else, he hides.

I am looking forward to teaching yoga tomorrow.

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