Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hmmm... New HTML for the pictures. I'll need to work on this. This is the vacant lot next to my place. The gym was going to build a parking garage here but then ran out of money. I am ever so grateful for each day that goes by that it remains undeveloped. It is a bird mecca.

Just one student in yoga class today. A different one. I had great fun teaching as this is a fit guy who is training for his first Triathlon in the spring. I was able to challenge him and we both enjoyed it. I have a nibble on a few new students too, which would be wonderful.

I'm having a little trouble staying focused at work this week. I know this sort of thing goes in cycles but I have so much to do...At least I am feeling better and was able to teach.

My big Valentines excitement is going to the dentist to have some work done. It will be quiet. I hadn't thought of this but no one wants to go to the dentist on the afternoon on Valentine's Day! Duh.

My link today is to a trailer for this new documentary about this amazing folk singer Rodriguez. A fellow I know at work has both the albums and says he thinks he was as good as Leonard Cohen. That is saying something.

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