Saturday, February 23, 2013

This is Jack, the (impossible to photograph decently) black cat in my family. I took this today. He is a long sleek curious guy full of playfulness and an interest in experiencing things with his mouth as well as all his other senses. This way you get to at least see the length of him. 

This morning Sammy decided to chill out in his protected safe space in the closet after a big breakfast and a some pain meds. Tomorrow I start him on the hypertension med. We skipped giving him fluids today because I didn't want to invade his inner sanctum. I did get his arthritis shot in him when I arrived home. I am doing total oder cat immersion right now so it was lovely to spend the day with Leo and Jack, the kids.

Tomorrow I am going to Powell's on a mission to get a couple of used copies of some mysteries early in their series. 

Miss E. (and her iPad) is home and trying to avoid jet lag. She had good weather almost everyday of the European trip though I guess it was raining in Paris this morning.

Good day. Just tired. I listened to an interview with the author of this book called Erasing-Death-Rewriting-Boundaries last night. They are trying to do verifiable science on near death experiences. Fascinating.

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