Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It appears the diary site is down again. I am glad to have this as an alternative.

We had Women's Circle last night and went around the room and talked about what we were reading and enjoying and I was thrilled that a couple of folks were interested in Far From the Tree. I can't wait until somebody I know reads it. One of the women works in special education and the other coordinates hospice care and they both are regularly exposed in home visits to folks that are not neuro-typical.

We are all getting ready for the service this weekend for our member who died last month. She sewed costumes at one time for Janis Joplin, and there is some talk of folks showing up to her memorial dressed in bellbottoms and some flashy fringe. I think the best I can do is some of my Tibetan clothes. Which is appropriate as our departed member was involved deeply in Tibetan Buddhism for a time as well. The snowdrops are coming up in her garden this week without her embodied presence to see.

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