Monday, March 25, 2013

I feel sad for those folks out there having  more winter and even vaguely guilty about our wild and forceful spring. Trees are blooming in one day. So much energy involved in doing that!

Tonight I am procrastinating. Actually I have been mostly procrastinating for the last four days. I took Friday off to get my homework and taxes done. I got some homework done yesterday. I blew off going to Women's Circle that I very much enjoy so I could do homework this evening.

Instead I took a nap with Stella and then felt bad about that and went and walked around the track really fast for a couple of miles.

We found out today that in addition to the effects of sequestration, (no filling vacant positions or new computers or consultants), now they are making an additional 7.5% in cuts.

It was very demoralizing news. There is a point where doing more with less just doesn't work anymore and it becomes just plain less. I guess the new paradigm is be happy to have a job no matter how badly you end up doing it because there are no resources.

I need to stop thinking about how I am going to make it through the next six years and just think about how to enjoy each day as it blooms. My link is a fun column about positive procrastination by the science writer John Tierney.

Maybe if the most important thing on my list is vacuuming I can get one of my student strategies done!

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