Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yes. I know this shot I took with my phone yesterday evening is blurry. But it is so exuberantly spring. It was mild, it was dry, there are tulips coming up to keep the daffodils company in all the yards. It was heavenly. I am glad I am getting out more these days because I truly enjoy it.

Sammy had a good day. Stella let me give her the allergy medicine I need to squirt down her throat that tastes pretty awful and is always a challenge to get in her.

I am learning how to get just enough activity but not too much to keep in tune my activity monitor program. This evening I went over and walked around the track twice fast. That's all I needed.

Tomorrow evening my fellow yoga teacher students and I are meeting with our teacher Olga to go over how to design short effective practices for the hips.

And Saturday? Beautiful Saturday? I get to go spend the better part of the day with Jack and Leo, who I hear are rumored to be weighing in at 10 lb. each. They are still kittens though. I am sure.

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