Sunday, March 3, 2013

I had forgotten how much a person could get done while procrastinating on homework. :)

This stack of old bricks is across the street from the uninsured church, historical bookstore, former hippy hangout that burned down a few years back. I am sure they have a story to tell.

My heroes today are the folks that work in Interlibrary Loan. In a week they not only found but delivered to our Central Library a copy of a murder mystery by Camilla L√§ckberg that I only could find used in Florida or California. This copy  came from Treasure Valley Community College. 

In thinking about all these terrifying heart wrenching cuts from sequestration it is nice to know that folks are out there right this moment providing amazing services for ordinary folks like me.

My link today is for the Oregon Symphony. I should go this season. Particularly after reading about Joshua Bell and Lang Lang in Solomon's Book.

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