Monday, March 18, 2013

I took this yesterday afternoon. I have been admiring this mash up of three trees on 11th and SW Salmon in the spring for many years. It always blooms fairly early in the spring. A happy harbinger.

Things around here remain busy and I admit I took some time out this weekend to finish listening to the audiobook version of Gone Girl. I am glad I did because in so many ways it is a cultural phenomena but I can't say I enjoyed it. Sort of like Nick can't help admiring Amy's psychotic scheming and follow-through I couldn't help admiring the construction and the writing of the book. But I sure as heck wouldn't want to meet anyone in it.

I was also waiting to post here until I could find a decent link and I have! The Sentence First Blog. How did I miss this one? I just love this stuff. I also downloaded all 26 episodes if Slate's Lexicon Valley podcast today.

If you want me, you'll know where I am. :) Tomorrow we are learning all about our quads in my yoga class.

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