Friday, March 8, 2013

I tried posting this earlier and Sammy walked across the keyboard and the alignment got all wonky. I took this shot on my walk after work today. I did a loop along the south waterfront and came back over the Gibbs Street Bridge. So much construction going on down there and an amazing amount of people.

Anyway, this was as I was back in Lair Hill. I was standing in the street with the camera and this gentleman walked by with his black and white barky dog and asked in a very teacher like way, "Tell me what you see".

I said something like, I like the ways things age, the peeling paint...but of course I meant the working of time on things. I don't know exactly when I became interested in this. Maybe always. I just like the composition here. Note the budding tree on the right. We had sun all day!

My link today is a puff piece in the LA Times  about adjusting to the time change this weekend. How we struggle to make up for the lost hour. But I liked the picture. A bus in Sherman Oaks. That is where we lived when I was born. I don't think I saw a bus until we moved to Seattle when I was 5(ish).

Next week my favorite niece turns 46. Talk about the workings of time.

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