Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I took this yesterday. We had sun here in Portland all afternoon. I enjoy finding details I've never seen before on walks I have taken many times. This pretty window is one of those.

The occasional poem I wrote (as requested for a hospice volunteer newsletter a friend from work is tasked with gathering content for) is being well received. I'll put it up over on Meander. I am relieved. One almost has to ferret out what folks want when they ask for these things as they know it when they see it but can't articulate it.

Now for my "real" link today to Exercises for Strengthening the Rotator Cuff. I just spent part of the weekend writing an essay on the difference between Physical Therapy and Yoga and I had to laugh when looking at these exercises because in my tradition when do all these movements integrated within the context of other things but Oh Well. I personally just hate the idea of doing remedial exercises in pain, when one can do them beforehand as preventative. But we all do illogical things. It makes us richly human.

I'll tell that to myself next time my weigh in doesn't go well.

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