Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A bit blurry I admit. My phone didn't know where to focus late this afternoon down at Pioneer Square. I am happy to get a shot of our shared city tree as I have enjoyed going by it on the bus these last few weeks all lit up.

I was downtown to buy some new shoes to wear to my job interview tomorrow afternoon. I wanted some short boots that would keep my feet dry but look stylish as we have a big storm on the way in this evening. The first pair of boots I looked at in Nordstrom's were $445.00. Eek! I might be willing to spend that on the cats but not on a pair of shoes.

After three attempts to find something I liked over at Macy's I found a simple pair that are just what I needed for $50.00. Now all I need to do is figure out what socks to wear with them.

This article on reading speed and comfort as we age from The Times is interesting as we all in the family consider the possibility of compromised eyesight as we grow older.

Only two students in my yoga class today but it was fun and they visibly benefitted. One can't beat that.

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