Saturday, December 29, 2012

Another winter tree shot. The shape of this one is wonderful.

Besides some major lounging around and listening to Far From the Tree on audio book and basic procrastination I did do one small part of my yoga homework today and wrote a first draft of my "elevator speech" for describing what kind of of yoga I teach.

"I teach a breath-focused form of yoga that applies the ancient traditions from India and adapts them to the needs of our modern bodies with a specific focus on healthy appropriate movement of the spine."

Now all I have to do is quit tinkering with it and then memorize it.

My link today is a photo essay at Dave's Killer Bread Factory here in town. I don't eat much bread but when I do it is Dave's Good Seed all the way.

Oh, and I earned my Phoenix badge on 750 Words! It appeared just as I saved my day's post. That is so cool. I am a happy Phoenix.

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