Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I took this seven years ago and I am glad I did because the sculptures aren't there anymore over in NW Portland. It is one of my favorites Christmas pictures and I wasn't even a birder then. The signs that I would become one however, were everywhere.

I am having a lovely day off. It is a bit too cold and a bit too wet to go for a long walk but I have been practicing yoga throughout the day. First for myself and then for the class scheduled tomorrow on that knotty tight place we so often get just below our shoulder blades. With the holiday I don't know if anyone is going to show up for class tomorrow but I'll be ready if anyone does.

This Really? column where they look at health myths scientifically is so interesting. Clearly I am going to need to start wearing sunglasses. Even on cloudy days. My excuse has been that not wearing them keeps the light and the colors true in my pictures. I guess I will just need to adapt to a particular pair of them when I am out and about with the camera.

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