Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ah the hazards of being on vacation...losing track of time. I picked this picture yesterday but got distracted by Sammy's not feeling well and watching dark Season 3 of Justified and finding a murder mystery to read and picking out the "right" Kindle for my older sister and listening to an interview with New York Times reporter Adam Nossiter. He is in Mali now and reporting from there.

This morning I am trying to find a creative way to get down to the poetry reading without crossing a potentially icy street with no traffic light. The one bus that would do it does not run on the weekend. I walked through the dark curvy tunnel that goes under Naito Parkway the other day and it had about a half an inch of water on the floor. I could risk crossing the Parkway with my new flasher, with my pointed walking stick and my studded shoe covers but I think I'll stay home and watch episode 2 of Downton Abbey instead.

I will miss seeing the folks I know but the whole point of being on vacation is not fretting.

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