Friday, January 18, 2013

I was back in the old neighborhood today and the sun was out and at that very minute it was above freezing. This is the house I thought Sammy lived in when I first met him. He would sit on that porch and come out to greet me when I walked by.

The neighbors told me I was the only person that he ever did that to, the sneaky guy even let me pick him up. Ha! He used to live across the street but his owner moved away and left him there. Sammy picked the nice house on the sunny side of the street to pretend was his so the rake could seduce me into taking him home.

Not sure how his orange tabby coat would go with the new mustard paint job.

Now almost 12 years later he sleeps on his polar tech blanket with the heated cat bed underneath during the day and with me at night. This morning he nipped my nose because he wanted me to get up.

Slacker vacation chick that I am.

The whole reason my oldest sister had a brand new midrange Kindle with the new lighting system built in delivered to her as a gift this week was because she wanted to read this book by her friend who died a few weeks ago. The book is called Knowing Bodies. Such a sad reason to get the Kindle but if it helps make her feel closer to this important friend then it was worth it.

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