Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We had this heavy stagnant air today. I am not sure what the deal is with this tree. It can't really be painted because I mean who would do that? It has to be some sort of biological phenomena.

I picked up my state of the art transitional progressive lensed glasses this afternoon and I am in love. Scenes like the one with this tree just pop out so crisp and clear. Lovely.

I was walking to the store after picking them up going I am so lucky. I am so so lucky. I work. I live in a country where I (mostly) feel safe. No one is infiltrating my house or my town to hide from the armies of democratically elected governments who are trying to ferret said infiltrators out after they stole some of the arms that were cached all over Libya so that they can institute a form of Islamic law that takes all my rights away and turns me into a form of chattel.

Oh gosh. I expressed an opinion.

I bought an electronic version of this book Yoga for Emotional Balance today. I read the sample first. It will make a good recommendation for when I am teaching private sessions.

Anybody clean the ice with the Google Doodle Zamboni machine? I love ice rinks and have always thought the Zamboni breaks were kind of Zen.

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