Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My guess is if I look hard enough I'll start seeing signs of spring soon...

Although he has been grumpy all day, Sammy seems to have forgiven me for all the indignities. He maneuvered his stiff old cat body into my lap rather pointedly when I got home this evening.

Speaking of cats, here is a wonderful photograph from National Geographic of a Meercat. All the photos are wonderful.

After a trying day at work yesterday I had a moment of sheer joy today when someone took away a problematic responsibility I've had to address for over 5 years that apparently I never should have had. Yippee! Even in the most difficult situations there can be moments of relief and joy.

I only had one student in yoga today so I moved her through a series of poses that dealt with the issues she was having at the time. It was very rewarding. And bonus I don't need to design a class for next week because I didn't use the one I worked up this week.

And it didn't rain vey hard today so it was not bad at all to be out and about.

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