Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Today was all about this ever so handsome guy. My old man Sam. For a guy who was homeless for three years 16 or 17 is a good long life. He is starting to show signs of age, with kidney disease and arthritis. Today at the vet we did labs so we can determine how far along his kidney disease has progressed so we can decide what can help with the arthritis.

We took a cab to the vet and back and it was very reasonable. The drivers were both very nice cheerful folks.

But Sam got a little fed up with the tests and the sub q fluids and worked himself into a bit of a frenzy that was bad enough they had to give him oxygen. Wow. Kitty oxygen.

We are both resting comfortably at home now. What a ride it has been with him these last 12 years.

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