Thursday, January 17, 2013

I took this today on my way through the PSU campus on foot to go to the library and Office Depot to pick up some new ink cartridges for my printer. It is amazing how few things one prints out these days but I still find I need to print out train ticket confirmations with the bar code to scan at the station and forms with my name and contact information so I can draw yoga practices developed with private clients.

Olga my teacher is working on an app where you can drag and drop line drawings of poses into a sequence but in the meantime we draw the full practices out.

I found the picture hopeful, not the least of which is the transformation after a day where the heavy miasmic fog didn't clear all day to this stunningly beautiful blue sky but also the tree is completely bare (other than the moss) and the next stop on the way is leaf bud. We'll start seeing early signs of spring in about four weeks here, the crocus and daffodil shoots forcing their way through the hard packed ground...

Even though I am on vacation I find I am having trouble completely relaxing. I am habituated to being reactive based on my work life. And even a week out I am still so very tired. Tomorrow I am having a massage as a reward for making the December Monthly Challenge on 750 Words. I was amused yesterday to see that some folks were posting screen shots of their daily Stats on Tumblr.

I would have done that when I was younger if I'd had the capability. Sometimes one is relieved to be a grown up.

Our oldest sister was able to get her brand new first ever e-reader operational today. We are all thrilled as she is a voracious reader and we have not been allowed to buy books for her for years because of the space they take up.

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