Monday, January 21, 2013

Wind, we have wind. Never thought I'd be so glad but it has blown most of the gunk out of the air and we had a lovely cold day. Still some ice and frost on the ground though.

That and the holiday made it an at home day with the cats. Watched the 4th episode of The Weight of the Nation, the HBO series on obesity that we get 50 points for viewing for our Health Plan discount at work. The question we are required to answer is what is the percentage increase in the number of folks that drive to work in America since 1960? It is very well done, the documentary. As I am very much interested in food policy I might watch the whole thing.

My link today is to audio versions of some of the practices in Yoga for Emotional Balance. It is so cool that they offer these as part of the book.

Once it gets above freezing tomorrow it should stay up there for a week! Yippee. Freedom to move easily around the cabin will be restored.

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