Monday, January 14, 2013

Much to everyone's surprise the snow started to stick a bit mid afternoon. We weren't even expecting precipitation today. And now it is about to become treacherously icy as the temperature drops below freezing.

We canceled Women's Circle and I am glad because no one will take unnecessary risks but sad because I was hoping for some friendly human interaction that does not involve commerce.

I did go to the dentist (and the grocery). I need a new crown in a new place. In the end it will make a couple of things better but just having spent a chunk of change on mod new progressive transitional lens, I now need to spend a comparable amount here and then there are the vet bills for Sammy's kidney disease...

Oh well, no sign of cataracts or macular degeneration or periodontal disease. I am quite healthy and this is a very good thing. Healthy and on vacation!

This is a fun short audio essay on the origins of The Whole Nine Yards.

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