Saturday, January 26, 2013

I need to come up with some sort of checklist for all the meds I'll be giving Sammy to make him more comfortable. I bet there is an App for that. I'll have to look around. I suppose I could make a new Google calendar with alarms.

We are going to Pacific City for a long weekend late in April and I'll need to have it all down by then. My cat sitter is a licensed Vet Tech so if she has to give fluids she can but I'll try to do it before I leave.

It has been a very food oriented day. Made this yummy spinach saute with pine nuts and garbanzo beans for dinner.

Not sure if it was the full moon or the infusion of fruits and vegetables into my diet yesterday but I was grumpy and slept poorly.

Speaking of the moon...I need to draw out my class for next Wednesday, (I am going to introduce a modified half mooon Ardha Chandrasana using the tables in the conference room because we don't have blocks). It is good for many things including calves and hamstrings which is where we left off before I went on vacation.

Tomorrow will be a challenge because of anticipating re-entry to the world of work. I truly have had the perfect vacation for me at this time. Taking care of myself and the cats in a deep focused way. Something I haven't had the time for in years.

And I did at least start writing a poem...

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